Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Azerbaijan

, Kyiv 05:21

President's statement on ceasefire from February 15, 00:00

16 February 2015, 15:53

Ukraine has always treated its international commitments with great responsibility. We are willing to prove it once again. In a few minutes, glorious Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Border Troops, the units of the Ministry of the Interior and the Security Service of Ukraine will execute my order as Supreme Commander-in-Chief to cease fire along the entire line of clash with the enemy in Donetsk and Luhansk regions as stipulated by the agreements achieved in Minsk in the Normandy format with participation of the Presidents of Ukraine, France, Russia and the Chancellor of Germany.

Pacta sunt servanda - agreements must be kept. Is it not us who invented that. We expect this agreement to be finally fulfilled and the opposite party to treat the implementation of the agreements with appropriate attention, as negotiations have reached the highest level.

I am confident that for today, the situation on Debaltseve bridgehead raises particular concern and attention. It is a bridgehead, not an encirclement, because glorious Armed Forces of Ukraine have kept the frontiers defined for defense by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

We saw that the Russian party demonstrated excessive interest in Debaltseve bridgehead during negotiations in Minsk. We have proved that our troops in Debaltseve received 4 convoys today that provide necessary stuff, ammunition, rotation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and new equipment.

I see only one threat. When militants were constantly shelling the entire blocks of Debaltseve until complete destruction of the given inhabited locality. We believe that ceasefire is what Ukraine and the entire world need today.

Unfortunately, peace process is currently under a high threat, because militants may use tense situation near Debaltseve to disrupt the ceasefire regime. I have publicly warned all the participants of the Normandy format and the Minsk negotiations about that, including the Russian Federation, which identifies itself as guarantor of the agreements reached Minsk. In my opinion, making efforts is too much to guarantee the actions of those who are fully controlled by you. Political will is totally enough.

For several days I have been working almost day and night in only two directions. These are concentration of diplomatic efforts for achieving the Minsk agreements and coordination of security officials' actions for ensuring the defense of the defined frontiers.

Several hours ago I had a conversation with Barack Obama, the President of the United States. An hour before that - with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. The whole world is waiting for tomorrow morning with bated breath. Those who want to disrupt the peace process at the very beginning have been warned about the consequences.

I will deliberately not tell now what Ukraine will do, if the peace process is disrupted. Let me say just one thing - getting hit on one cheek, we will not turn the other one. And may the Lord forgive me.

I strongly hope that the last, probably, the last chance to start a long and difficult peaceful process of political settlement in Donbas will not be missed. I will do everything I can not to lose this extremely important opportunity for Ukraine and the entire world by any incautious step, any movement, any unjustified shot.

Ukraine strives for peace more than anyone else. Those who dissemble on the topic of protection of Russian-speaking people when it goes about the restoration of an empire cannot care less about the life of our Russian-speaking friends and brothers. Let alone those who are Ukrainian-speaking.

But for me they are all my fellow people, our parents, brothers and sisters. I mean both those who went to defend Ukraine and those without arms who suffer from militants and terrorists. They all want peace. I, President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Petro Poroshenko want peace as well. And as a first step, I am giving now the order to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the units of the Ministry of the Interior, the Border Guard, the Security Service of Ukraine to cease fire from February 15, 00:00.

Please report on the execution of the order.