Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Azerbaijan

, Kyiv 14:00

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation of Ukraine and Azerbaijan

At present legal base of cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan in the cultural sphere is based on intergovernmental, interdepartmental agreements, protocols, and programs in science, culture, education, tourism, youth policy and sports, information and information technology.

It should be noted the interest of Ukraine and Azerbaijan in the bilateral cooperation in science. AR since 2003 is a party of an international treaty on the establishment of the Ukrainian Scientific-Technical Center. Between the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center (USTC) and the Azeri scientists, have established close links, implemented 16 joint projects in various fields of science.

Special attention should be cooperation in higher education. Actively developing the cooperation between universities of two countries, which is based on agreements between universities.

Today in Ukraine, on base of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management operates the Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Institute of Social Sciences named after Heydar Aliyev, who was cooperating with the Azerbaijan International University, and Baku Slavic University (BSU).

However, the BSU is working closely with a number of universities in Ukraine. Other active high school of AR is the Baku State University, who initiated contacts with educational institutions of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian side, considerable attention given to the issue of attracting young people of Azerbaijan for training in Ukraine. In this context, the positive effect of delegation has visited the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine in Azerbaijan. During the last visit (March 2011), in schools of several cities of Azerbaijan have been organized educational exhibition titled “Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine-2011”.

Implementation of such measures on an ongoing basis, according to Embassy of Ukraine, promotes a positive image of Ukraine and Azerbaijan to attract young people to study in Ukrainian universities - the number of issued invitations to training for the citizens of Azerbaijan evidences this: the 2009-2010 school years issued 124 invitations for 2010 -2011u.g. - 272 invitations. Total number of students from Azerbaijan, who are taught in Ukrainian universities currently stands at 2,260 people.

The Embassy notes the high level of bilateral cooperation in the field of sports. In this context, the landmark was “18th Informal Conference of Ministers of Sport of the Council of Europe” held September 21-22, 2010 in Baku. Ukrainian side was represented by the delegation of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport, headed by the Minister of RS Safiullin. September 21, 2010 signed a program of cooperation in youth policy and sports for 2011-2012 between the respective Ministries of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The program provides for the implementation of activities at the level of public authorities; learning experience in promoting sports and mass movement of “Sports for All” the Days of AR youth in Ukraine (III quarter of 2011) And the Days of Ukrainian youth in the AR (IV quarter of 2011.).

To promote the Ukrainian culture, with the assistance of CP, the AR established as appropriate sculpture in honor of the eminent personalities and events in Ukraine.

30 June 2008 in one of the central districts of Baku by the Presidents of Ukraine and Azerbaijan was opened monument of T. G. Shevchenko. During the official visit of President of Ukraine in the AR (9-10 April 2009) the opening of a memorial plaque on a house in the central part of the Azerbaijani capital, where a 1919-1920gg. was located a special diplomatic mission of the Ukrainian People's Republic.

In 2011 by The Embassy was planned the opening of monument to L. Ukrainka in Sumgait. By the results of official visit of President of Azerbaijan to Ukraine (27-28 October 2010) executive power of Sumgait received direct instruction on the creation and unveiling of the monument in 2011. Funding for this project has taken the Volyn Regional State Administration.

An important event of 2011in culture is to conduct (7-8 April) for the first time in Azerbaijan, “World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue” Ukraine on the above Forum was represented by delegation of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine headed by Minister MA Kulynyakom.

An important component of bilateral cooperation in the field of culture is the Days of Culture of Azerbaijan in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Cultural Days in Azerbaijan. Thus, in the period from 5 to 10 September 2008 the Days of Culture of Ukraine in Azerbaijan was a group of Ukrainian artists.

Days of Culture of Azerbaijan in Ukraine on May 21-23, 2009, сoncerts were held vocal ensemble of the Azerbaijan State Choir, Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Folk Instruments in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

According to Embassy of Ukraine, for the continuation of good historical and cultural ties will be important holding of the Ukrainian Cultural Days in Azerbaijan in the future.

Embassy of Ukraine has taken the initiative to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (ISU) to hold Days of Culture of Ukraine in Azerbaijan in 2011. However, as of today, ISU from a financial point of view is not able to hold Days of Culture of Ukraine in Azerbaijan this year.